E-Books and Audiobooks


Get an E-Book or Audio Book from Burry Bookstore Online in these 5 Easy Steps

hummingbird-dm-stock-tower-1Step 1: Go to http://burrybookstore.papertrell.com/ and find a book you like! (There are tons of books, with plenty of categories and genres to choose from!) When you find what you want, push buy.

Step 2: We will ask you to make an account if you do not have one already – just put in an email address and a password, and continue on to put in your billing information.

Step 3: Once you confirm your order, you can “tap here to start reading!” If you have not downloaded the My Must Read app from the app store, we will direct you there so you can get started!

Step 4: The My Must Reads App will appear in the app store of your choice, and you can download it with ease.

Step 5: Sign in to the app using the account info you created in Step 2, load your book, and start reading!