Burry’s Recommendations and Assorted Selections


 Signed Copies of Commonwealth in Now!


We have signed copies of Ann Patchett’s hit new book, Commonwealth, in store today! A story about family and bonding spanning decades, Patchett’s book is equal parts humor and heartbreak, as the Keating and the Cousins families come alive in this marvelous novel.  See for yourself today, and get the special signed copy – but hurry, supplies are limited!

A Song of Ice and Fire in Store Now!

A Song of Fire and IceTo all the Game of Thrones fans out there – we have the complete collection of A Song of Ice and Fire for you to read!

Due to the depth and breadth of George R.R. Martin’s books, there was much that could not have been included in the hit show, so we encourage you to come check out the series for yourself!

We also have A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, the collection of novellas written by Martin taking place 100 years prior to A Song of Ice and Fire (and including several characters and events referenced throughout the series).

So if you are looking to expand your delve into Westeros, want to go into the HBO series with all the knowledge of the books (which reveals some great foreshadowing), or merely want to kill some time before the next season starts next year, come pick up a copy here at Burry Bookstore!